Business Continuity Management

Today, business continuity management is being unquestionably recognized as an increasingly important element in the emergency and crisis management process. Building this capability requires support and encouragement by top management to ensure additional resources are put into use, which would help the entity continue performing its critical and essential functions during an emergency until full […]

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Overview of Upcoming ISO 9001:2015 Standard

ISO/IEC 9001 & ISO 14001 standards are under revision and would be published possibly last quarter of 2015. The changes are not as significant as some would have you believe. Using simple word count comparison against the current 2008 version, we find that 74% of the changed wording was merely rephrasing of existing requirements, without any new requirements; of the […]

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Leading the way to Energy Savings

GCAS provides wide range of customized energy saving solutions to help lower your electricity cost and solidify your bottom line. GCAS introduced “Power Saver – Automatic Power Saver Device” to all organization, office, commercial and industries who is ready to reduce electricity usage and save money to upkeep the organization in the competitive market.

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Green Building & LEED

“How do you let your customers know that your products are green? Clearly, it’s a matter of getting the right message to the right target.” Manufacturers that serve commercial, institutional and other non-residential clients are increasingly being asked to supply products for green building projects. Customers expect their suppliers to have some knowledge about green […]

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