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Carbon management is moving up the corporate agenda and many companies now understand the need to handle their emissions. But what makes the management of carbon strategically important for business and will it grow as a priority?

Multiple market drivers are increasing the importance of carbon management: These include energy costs, the growing cost of carbon, brand reputation and energy supply risks. In addition, the need for effective Carbon Management is increasingly driven by issues such as employee expectations and talent management, the financial risk from the physical impacts of climate change, competitive positioning, investor requests and customer expectations. The cumulative impact of costs and social and market expectations make carbon a strategic issue for companies today.

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Carbon’s strategic importance is expected to grow over the next ten years: Firms expect the impact of factors driving carbon management, and the value at stake, to continue to increase, making the issue a long term priority. As the importance of these drivers increases across sectors, there are various tipping points that could impact their acceleration over the coming five to ten years. These could be triggered by phenomena such as climate-related natural disasters, energy supply crises and new national regulation created in response to global agreements on climate change regulation.

Significant cost savings and potential new revenue streams dispel the carbon cost myth: Firms leading on carbon reductions are already experiencing benefits in the form of cost savings through areas such as energy reduction, waste minimisation, travel substitution and a lowering of fuel use. In addition, revenue-fuelling innovation and marketing benefits open up new revenue streams

• Carbon Footprint
• Carbon Emission Reduction
• Carbon Neutral Certification
• Emission Verification

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Carbon foot shaped impression programming is something that organizations can use to stay informed concerning their carbon discharges and accordingly begin adding to recuperating our minimal blue-green world. By and large around the globe, government enactment is going live to make industry make genuine in-streets into the a dangerous atmospheric devation issue.

Carbon Management

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