Green Building & LEED

“How do you let your customers know that your products are Green Building & LEED ? Clearly, it’s a matter of getting the right message to the right target.”


Why Green Building & LEED Products Manufacturers are increasingly asked by customers to supply “green” products for use in “green” or “sustainable” building. This trend is driven by many issues we see or hear about in the media daily –for example, concerns over resource depletion, greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, waste generation and occupant health.

Marketing Your Green Products

Manufacturers that serve commercial, institutional and other non-residential clients are increasingly being asked to supply products for green building projects. Customers expect their suppliers to have some knowledge about green programs such as LEED and Green Globes.

Green Building & LEED : Environmentally conscious construction previously a niche market interest has become a dominant societal topic and an important market trend in the building sector. Every category of construction product is being affected by trend.

What are the Main Features of Green Building & LEED ?

Green building has combined an extensive variety of administrations and methods to minimize and inevitably quench adverse effects of structures to the individuals and the environment. It bets on the utilization of renewable assets like regular lighting and greenery, then again, green building is more than simply utilizing ecological agreeable materials; it obliges watchful arranging, outline and incorporation of the green building’s best practices to expand its effect amid its whole life cycle.

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“Becoming Ready for LEED at the core of Green Economy”

Green Building & LEED
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