Inspection and Product Testing

A solution for all your Quality Assurance and Control Needs

Product testing is the ideal way to identify a product’s potential before the product development process. That eliminates the risk of developing undesirable products, which could be costly and time-consuming down the road.

We partner with global agencies and offer a full range of testing and certification services including new product development, pre-assessment, gap analysis, batch testing and full compliance testing.

Product Testing

GCAS provides high standard quality assurance and control services, such as

• Testing;
• Certification and Approvals;
• Consultancy and Regulatory Review:
• Inspection and audits

CE Mark Approval

GCAS can assist for your product to comply with EU safety, health and environmental requirements and how to place a CE marking on your product. The CE mark indicates a product with EU legislation and so enables the free movement of products in the market.

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Inspection and Product Testing