Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment is taking off globally importance to help project owners to quantify and improve environmental performance to meet global and national climate change impact reduction targets. Life Cycle Assessment is the leading solution for understanding, quantifying and communicating the environmental and social credentials and performance of products, services, processes, assets, and organizations.

Life Cycle Assessment is a method of analyzing the environmental impact of products and services that consider their full life cycle (cradle-to-grave). A key strength of LCA is that it studies whole product systems and thus enables a business to avoid mitigating one environmental impact at the expense of aggravating another.

LCA’s are completed for a variety of reasons. First, it reduces the life cycle impacts, also cut energy and other costs. Assessing and reducing your sustainability impact has a similar effect to an efficiency audit. The results will identify the most cost-effective way for you to operate. Second, the public increasingly demands information about the sustainability features of the products they buy.

The following important applications of Life Cycle Assessment are increasingly being adopted by businesses internationally:

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

EPD is the international standard to communicate your product or service environmental credentials to the market.

Building Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Building Life Cycle Assessment is the most comprehensive method of assessing building environmental impacts over the complete building lifetime. This methodology has recently been incorporated in the Green Building Council of many countries.

GCAS Provides

• Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in line with ISO 14025 and EN15804.
• Develop ISO 14040 & 14044 compliant life cycle assessments to underpin the EPDs.
• Whole building life cycle assessment through LEED v4.

GCAS Advantage

GCAS can produce a Life Cycle Assessment profile for your building and offer you a comprehensive online tool to manage and drive ongoing improvements. With this information, you can test and apply new strategies and options to reduce environmental and human health impacts before committing resources.

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Life Cycle Assessment