Power Saving

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Reducing electricity costs and increasing energy efficiency :

In today’s tough economic climate, all organizations are pushing harder to find cost savings. At the same time, many are under pressure to comply with the environmental legislation and wish to reduce their carbon footprint.

By focusing on energy efficiency you can achieve both: reduce your impact on the environment whilst also improving your bottom line. Our team of energy efficiency specialists is helping many organizations to do exactly that.

GCAS energy saving solutions is supported by Automatic Power Saver which directly saves electricity up to 40%.

Our experience has shown that most industrial, commercial and public sector organizations can reduce their energy consumption by between 10% and 40%typically, and the investment to achieve those reductions will be paid back very shortly.

GCAS manages the implementation of the Automatic Power Saver and solutions that will deliver the electricity savings.

Greater electricity saving starts today:

If we are to meet your cost saving target, we must start today. Boosting energy efficiency is the quickest, cheapest, and cleanest way to reduce both consumption and CO2 emissions.

Power Saving
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