FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

As a leader in protecting the environment and ensuring good forest practices GCAS is one of the leading certification bodies. GCAS has exclusive collaboration with Woodmark Soil Association (one of the first Forest Steward Council accredited certification bodies) conducting Audits and granting them FSC certificate for companies using forest products i.e. furniture manufactures, publishers, pulp industries, in fact, all those whose customers want to advertise products as FSC certified or say that they have brought or used certified products.

FSC Certified product provides added value to your product, giving it a verifiable social and environment quality. It demonstrates that you take the environmental concerns of your customers and staff seriously. FSC also assist with continued market access in an increasingly environmentally aware sector.

Chain of custody certification is required for every stage in the manufacture of a product, from the sawmill to a timber merchant to a manufacturing plant making components to the factory finishing the product to the wholesaler selling product to a retail company. Each stage must be inspected and certified.

FSC is a credible system as its standard is the only standard for responsible forest management that is operating in compliance with the ISEAL Code of good Practices. Compliance with this code attests the credibility of the standard.

GCAS is fully capable to verify that the wood products you are using are FSC compliance or not.