Green House Gas Verification

Verification is the systematic, independent and documented process for the evaluation of a greenhouse gas assertion in accordance with  ISO 14064-3. Verification provides an independent assessment of the data associated with a GHG inventory or project and typically offers an opinion on the accuracy of the estimates or measurements, thus giving confidence to others interested in the results.

GCAS Services

We provide practical, proven and effective GHG Verification services using ISO 14064-3 across a wide range of voluntary and regulatory driven GHG reporting frameworks including expertise within the manufacturing, education, healthcare, transportation, hospitality, energy sectors.

Our experts in greenhouse gases are knowledgeable about all aspects of understanding, quantifying, verifying and mitigating “carbon” emissions. GCAS has cross-disciplinary expertise in :

-Sector-specific needs (industrial, transportation, oil and gas, waste, commercial, and residential sectors)

-Ambient air quality (generation, dispersion, and mitigation of pollutants)

-Broader implications of climate change

-Energy performance (inter-regional, regional, city, infrastructure, masterplan, and building scales).

The key to our verification service is a very formal management system that ensures consistent and reliable verification.

GCAS also offers several related services that can enhance the value of GHG analyses.We can help develop solutions to reduce your future carbon footprint. GCAS’s expertise aims to provide solutions with evaluating industrial activities, developing emission inventories and analyzing strategies for improving air quality through engineering and process solutions.

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Green House Gas Verification