Health Product Declarations (HPD)

The Health Product Declaration (HPD) provides a systematic and standardized way of reporting the material contents of building products, and the health effects associated with these materials. The HPD is developed according to the directions set forth by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative and is considered to be complementary to life cycle documentation such as LCA and EPD.

HPD Consultant Services

GCAS offers services to help building product manufacturers complete their Health Product Declaration. We identify all ingredients in your product by working with your supply chain. GCAS assists you in gathering and reporting the information required to complete your Health Product Declarations template. The final HPD is “self-declared” and identified as prepared by GCAS.

HPDC Third-Party Verification Program

GCAS can assist product manufacturers with HPD verification. Third-Party Verification Program provides a framework for an additional level of assurance that a completed Health Product Declaration (HPD) fully complies with the HPD Open Standard.

Our team works with Approved HPD Third-Party Verifiers. A Third Party Verification is conducted as a desk audit of the HPD and its documentation; it does not mandate an onsite audit that would review a Bill of Materials. Verification of a Health Product Declarations is not a product certification or a declaration that the product is safe.

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Health Product Declarations (HPD)