Company Profile

Company Profile

GCAS Quality Certifications (GCAS) is a firm driven by a passion to Make Challenges into Prosperity. Utilizing years of experience and industry-leading expertise, GCAS is recognized as a trusted professional firm that provides a turn-key operation for our clients. Through collaboration with hundreds of clients, we have perfected a system and relationship that is designed for maximum return on investment. At any level in the process, GCAS’s services have been strategically designed to successfully guide our clients through their sustainability program. Our business segments are tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients across all industries.

Integrating sustainable solutions into business processes drives innovation and is a proven source of competitive advantage. Our goal is to provide our clients the advantage they need to grow their business and prosper in today’s evolving marketplace.

Our team of experts has worked with leading organizations in various industries, across different geographies, to transform the way they conduct business. GCAS has offices in Dubai and India with a presence across UAE, Oman, Qatar, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, and India.

GCAS helps clients to instill sustainability into our client cultures, both for responsible and commercial performance. This helps our client companies deliver business value that is both impressive and inspiring for their communities.

GCAS has built a reputation as a leader in Sustainability Solutions. With state-of-the-art methodology and tools, we create business value by putting the metrics into sustainability. GCAS is technically rigorous in its approach, as well as highly experienced, which is why we always get great results for our clients.

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