Advanced Zero Energy Design

Through Advanced Zero Energy Design,cities can become DRIVERS OF SUSTAINABILITY and increase ecological, social and economic capital.

Why Zero Energy Design ?

Global warming and climate change are rising issues during the last couple of decades. Buildings including commercial and residential ones are major contributors to energy consumption.

Zero Energy Design can be achieved by significantly reducing energy use through incorporation of energy-efficient strategies and solutions into the design, construction, and operation of new buildings and commencing retrofits to improve the efficiency of existing buildings.  Most often, use of on-site and off-site renewable energy sources are required to meet the Net-Zero Energy goal.

GCAS Services

GCAS will  provide solutions to establish a proper measurement and verification protocol to help track the ongoing use of energy in order to validate that the goal of Net-Zero Energy is achieved for the life of the building.

GCAS will also provide critical information and solutions for design decisions to be made in compatibility with Net-Zero Energy use. Our solutions are focused on reducing overall energy requirements of the building, then examining renewable energy applications after the loads are reduced.

We also manage the LEED certification process to ensure that the building continues to perform as Net-Zero Energy.

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Advanced Zero Energy Design