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Nature based solutions

The challenges of nature loss and global warming are linked - but so are their solutions. GCAS helps organization to develop projects that maintain nature and society at the center.

How can we help with

A nature based solutions approach

  • Project selection

    GCAS compile the requirements and select a project which best align to the organization’s beliefs and priorities.

  • Project development

    Our team can help to implement ongoing and innovative nature-based solutions on the ground. We are experienced project developers having developed our own verified offsetting projects and can advise businesses looking to develop their own, from concept and study through to verification.

  • Verification and carbon certification

    We confirm that our client nature-based solutions are in line with the international practices and compliance processes.

Project – Multifunction Agro forestry Development.

Location – Tamilnadu, India

Land use options that increase resilience and reduce vulnerability of contemporary societies are fundamental to live hood improvement and adoption to environment change. This project contributes to biodiversity conservation, yield a goods and services to society augmentation of the carbon sterage in agroecosystems enchancing. The fertility of the soils and providing social and economic well-being to people.

This project is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. The United Nations goals were set up as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Project Details

  • 6Sustainable Management

    Sustainable Management of water

    More than 15 Lakh Litres of water made available for all.

  • 13Climate

    Climate Change Mitigation

    Climate Change Mitigation Through Carbon Sequestration

  • 15Life
    on Land

    Sustainable Terrestial Ecosystem

    Restore degraded soil including land affected by desertification

  • 15Life
    on Land

    Agro Foresting

    Providing fruit, timber and Resource protection for soil & water

Project Development Case

Multifunctions agrofrosty development.


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