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Corporate Sustainability Strategy Design

Corporate Sustainability Strategy Design is becoming an increasingly important priority for business today. There is an increase in different sustainability programs, regulations and approaches simultaneously. Companies must act promptly to safeguard their future business by committing to relevant sustainability projects, defining realistic emissions reduction goals, and making smart decisions.

The number of sustainability issues continues to grow, and the magnitude of the challenges posed is increasing in both actual terms and how visible it is. The current trajectory of global warming is above two degrees by 2050, an outcome which is expected to lead to large scale human migration, increased spread of infectious diseases, critical water shortages and huge biodiversity loss.

Therefore implanting sustainability in business strategy is an increasing pre-requisite for businesses to both grow and protect business performance.

    1. Growth – Sustainability offers businesses an opportunity to drive top line growth and long-term competitive advantage;
    2. Protect: Acting on sustainability today also saves businesses the costs and risks of no action for tomorrow, protecting their bottom line

Sustainability framework has three focus areas :

    1. Innovation to thrive
    2. Sustainable Operations
    3. People and Well-being

These areas support company growth strategy, provide common ground for diverse businesses, and serve as a roadmap for setting ambitious sustainability goals that will address most critical sustainability areas.

Embedding sustainability in business strategy and core operations requires careful consideration, planning and evaluation. We bring to you the combined expertise across Strategy, Sustainability, and Economics to pursue sustainability as a business outcome and not as an incidental issue.

GCAS approach to support organization and aligned with the recent developments, we become accustomed to your situations as they are right now. This realistic, flexible process enables your organization to transform in a way that makes sense for your business objectives while working to drive your sustainability agenda.

GCAS Sustainability Experts pull from a large pool of tools to organizations succeed, providing the following range of services;

    1. Sustainability Strategy Design
    2. Road Map to Net Zero
    3. Materiality Assessment
    4. Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Services
    5. Science Based Targets
    6. Sustainability Reprting

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