Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Identify, track, and benchmark greenhouse gas Reporting emissions across value chains and portfolios

Greenhouse Gas Reporting – Carbon emissions reduction is a top priority for all businesses. Businesses must make aggressive efforts to minimize carbon emissions across their whole value chain due to increased pressure from investors, customers, and regulators. This includes emissions from purchased goods and services, employee commuting and travel, as well as the processing and use of sold items and leased assets, both upstream and downstream.

According to the leading GHG Protocol corporate standard, a company’s greenhouse gas emissions are classified into three scopes. Scope 1 and 2 are mandatory to report, whereas scope 3 is voluntary and the hardest to monitor. However, companies succeeding in reporting all three scopes will gain a sustainable competitive advantage.


GCAS approach to support organization and aligned with the recent developments, we become accustomed to your situations as they are right now. This realistic, flexible process enables your organization to transform in a way that makes sense for your business objectives while working to drive your sustainability agenda.

Verification against ISO 14064-1 provides the necessary assurance of your carbon footprint declarations. Validation of GHG projects to ISO 14064-2 provides confidence that the GHG project, if implemented as planned, will help achieve the projected emission reductions. Verification of your GHG projects gives assurance to your stakeholders of the quantum of emission reductions achieved in a specified period.

Our comprehensive methodology explains emission scopes 1, 2 & 3 (as defined by the GHG Protocol), and how GCAS helps companies become carbon neutral.

Guidance on GHG reporting;
  1. Assist you with defining the reporting scope, including operational control and organization boundaries
  2. Review your processes, controls and data outputs to assess the accuracy and completeness of your carbon  disclosures
  3. Recommendations on best practice in monitoring and reporting operations

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