UN Global Compact Climate Ambition Accelerator

We are happy to announce that GCAS Quality Certifications participated in the 2022 Round of the UN Global Compact Climate Ambition Accelerator. Supported by the UN Global Compact this is a 6-month accelerator program designed to equip companies with the knowledge and skills they need to accelerate progress towards setting science-based emissions reduction targets aligned […]

Carbon Boarder Adjustment Mechanism

EU CBAM (Carbon Boarder Adjustment Mechanism) The EU’s controversial extension of its carbon market regime to foreign producers takes shape. As the climate crisis intensifies and the rigour of measures to reduce emissions in the EU increases, the problem of carbon leakage – where carbon-heavy production moves out of the EU to jurisdictions with laxer […]

GHG Assurance Validation

Why measure GHG emissions? Increasing awareness of the potential impacts of climate change on their activities is leading companies to assess and address the potential threats and opportunities. A growing number of companies measure the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by their activity and assess their exposure to physical climate change impacts as well as […]


Performance in the areas of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) are becoming crucial indicators for the capital markets. Investors are paying more attention to investments and disclosures related to ESG and the environment. Businesses that perform well in terms of ESG have higher investment returns, lower risks, and improved crisis resilience. Companies and brands are […]

Building Green Business

Building Green Business : Sustainability has become a necessity for both businesses and the environment. Reduced environmental effect was once considered a “good to have” for businesses. Employees, consumers, and investors are putting increasing pressure on leaders to take action on environmental challenges. It’s now a must as well as a legitimate and lucrative business […]

Urgent action needed to ensure a resilient energy transition amid severe global challenges

High fuel costs, commodity shortages, insufficient progress toward reaching climate objectives, and slow progress on energy equity and access, according to the study Fostering Effective Energy Transition 2022, exacerbate the urgency for countries to expedite a comprehensive energy transition. In order to adapt to energy market volatility, it is critical to prioritize a robust energy […]

New IPCC Report Reveals Greenhouse Gas Emissions Continue to Grow, Requiring Immediate and Radical Action

Greenhouse Gas Emissions The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a new report today that emphasizes the importance of rapid and profound reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions if the world is to avoid the worst climate impacts. According to the report, worldwide GHG emissions increased over the last decade, rising by nearly 12% […]

Environmental Product Declaration

The construction industry is evolving. Carbon efficiency and transparency are becoming increasingly important factors in investment and procurement decisions, with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) frequently assisting decision-making. An EPD can help you stand out from the competitors as a construction product producer. Life-cycle assessment (LCA) is used in EPDs to evaluate and describe a product’s […]

Environmental Product Declaration

An EPD is a document that lays out the environmental performance of a construction product over time. EPDs allow construction professionals to compare the environmental impact of different products and make informed decisions about which to choose for their project. Having an EPD for the products used in a construction project, earns credits towards sustainability […]